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I admit it, I’m addicted….

To RUNNING that is!  Get your mind out of the gutter!  In all seriousness, I do have a very addictive personality like many Type A’s do.  Someone told me once it was genetic, but they’re also blaming obesity on genetics and I don’t believe that for 2 seconds!  So, here I am on this earth learning how to deal with it.  In my life fortunately I have 2 things going for me.  1) I have managed to...

Skinny Jeans don’t fit?

The other day I went to put on a pair of jeans and they were uncomfortable tight! At first my mind immediately went to…oh no, I wonder what I weigh (haven’t been on the scale in months)…what am I going to wear now…when was the last time I put these pants on…how could I let this happen…etc., etc., etc. Luckily I snapped out of it and logically thought through why my skinny jeans don’t fit....

How I can turn brushing my teeth into something nutrition related

As you might have seen in the last post I went to the dentist last week.  I’ve always had extremely sensitive teeth.  So sensitive, in fact, that it’s hard to eat fruit straight out of the refrigerator.  Part of the reason for this is because my gums are receding and the roots are exposed.  I actually had to have surgery for this when I went about seven…it was called a gum graft where they...

Pity Party

After a week long pity party, I’m over it and back to my running life.  After last Tuesday’s track workout (which kicked my butt by the way), I haven’t touched the running shoes.  In fact, the only exercise I’ve done in one week’s time is Wii Bowling and Tennis and Dance, Dance Revolution.  I even went as far as telling saying, “I’m through with running!”  I take it back…I...

The Psychology of Nutrition: PART 1

You wake up one morning and get on the scale.  It’s higher than usual (let’s say by 10 pounds.)   It’s been several weeks since you’ve weighed, but you certainly didn’t think it would be that high!  You knew you’re clothes were feeling a little tight though.  How do you respond to this? You’re going to grab a banana for breakfast that morning instead of eating the bowl of cereal you’ve...
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