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The Day Someone Asked The Right Question

Before I start, I should back up to explain how I’ve come out of running retirement. 🙂 With the Boston Marathon experience in 2013, I wanted to keep in running shape to do Boston again in 2014 to go back and experience it the right way.  During the year, it reminded me 1) how much I enjoy running and 2) that I can be okay at it if I just train correctly. After Boston 2014, I decided to keep on...

Must pee pee with Narnia Pizzazz (AKA Nueces 50 miler race report)

Wow, I know this race report will be very long considering it’s my last for running.  So don’t say I didn’t warn you. Race day morning was a lot calmer than Bandera considering I actually showed up to the race 45 minutes early instead of 30 minutes late.  And, since I had to travel far for the race to a town that has literally nothing, I had to actually plan ahead.  I had a bag for what I would...

Bandera 50K Race Report….it’s a long one!

The strange thing about Bandera, unlike any other race is I never got nervous about it.  I think I knew going in it was going to be a long day no matter what and I wasn’t racing it, so I just never got nervous about it.  I never questioned whether I was going to finish (like I’m freaking out about the 50 miler as I write this!)  It was pretty much just another race.  Because life is so hectic for...

Swiss chard, figs and homemade pizza oh my!

Yippee!  Sprouts moved in down the road.  I can’t tell you how excited it made me!  When I lived in Addison, everyone thought I was weird because I went to 2 different grocery stores (Wal-mart and Sprouts and sometimes even Albertson’s if they had a good special.)  Back then, I baked an artichoke (which wasn’t worth the hassle), made my own sushi, and even attempted kohlrabi.  Even though I’m...

Things that go wrong at a marathon (even if you’re experienced!)

Things that go wrong at a marathon (even if you’re experienced!) Sixth marathon seems like a no brainer that you should have it all figured out.  Suddenly everything seems to fall apart.  5:15 AM at Luke’s Fort Worth, almost everyone shows up on time.  We wait 7 minutes for one runner and ended up leaving him.  I actually still don’t know if he ended up coming to the race.  It was said in the...
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