Leadwoman – the training schedule


Coach Will and Coach Amy’s run group

I wrote my own schedule to begin with.  I absolutely HAVE to plan ahead.  I was teaching at TCU Spring semester.  I had to consider that LP started a new job and the girls schedules.  I needed to know, generally speaking, what my life was going to look like training and racing over the coming months.  I had coaches Gary Anderson, Madison Flowers and Steve Blackmon look at it.  None of them seemed to have any major concerns, so I rolled with it.

I signed up for several races.  Run the Rose 22 miler at Tyler State Park and Cowtown marathon (which I was super excited about as I had only done the 1/2 marathon for 7 years.)  I was even able to ride my bike outdoors in 12/31/18!  I kicked off the new year with a 2019 run and I joined FWRUNCO’s ultra training group on some Sundays with Mike, Betsy and Norman, Amy and Jon, Ron, Dave, Michael, Sarah, and Sourabh.

First trail run!


2019 Run!


New Years Eve Ride

I was sooooooo happy trail running was part of my life again.  I had missed it.  Cowtown training continued and I was getting hung up on the fact that it would probably be my slowest marathon ever. Even compared to my first marathon. That was hard to accept, but I kept showing up, because I was part of a group.  The accountability was everything.  By this time, I had moved into a little bit of a faster pace group (9:30-10:00) with Coaches Will and Amy.  Will would always run the slower pace with me (9:45) and I owe him everything for that!

Cold and windy!

Training was in full force.  We had one of the coldest, windiest runs on 1/19/19.  Completely miserable.  Certainly not a run that I would have done on my own.  If I knew how to post videos here you could see what we were up against.  I kept training on the trainer and going to aerial yoga and getting lots and lots of miles in.





In January, I ran ~170 miles and rode ~185 miles.  Running the Rose was my first mistake in training.  I was not prepared to do that mileage on the trails.  I paid for it.  I was extremely sore for 4 days and it slowed me down from getting all the miles in.  I had actually taken the girls to Longview that weekend to spend time with my family while I ran.  After I finished the race and drove back, I was wiped.  It had rained most of the race.  Even though I enjoy the rain, my muscles were not happy about this decision.  However, I did start figuring out my nutrition for this time around.  Wavy Lays and strawberry clif shoks with caffeine were what I had this day.  I also learned that I couldn’t wear the Brooks shoes I had been wearing for the past 8 years.  They had produced a massive callous on my foot and it was pretty painful on long runs. All in all, even though I pushed it a little hard, I had some take-aways.

The second mistake I made early on was running with my really speedy neighbor (Meredith), while she was training to qualify for Boston.  We ran some sub 8:00 miles one morning and that did me in for a few days.  I was soooooo tired!  I learned early on (thankfully) not to be doing that stupid stuff.  Ultra running isn’t about speed.  It’s about endurance.  Finding a pace that you can do forever.  Even though they were things I knew my body was capable of, it wasn’t the training I needed for Leadwoman.


More trainer riding

Still my favorite place

Favorite part of trail running is the wildlife!

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