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Take care of your body…it’s the only one you’ve got.

I am truly amazed on a daily basis at the lifestyles my clients lead.  My clients are moms, dads, students, short-order cooks, employees, business owners, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, grandparents, gardeners, coaches, Presidents of their local trade organizations or PTA, superbly organized AND they still find time for exercise and training. The amount these people can do in one day is unfathomed by...

Operation BP: Part 3 – Lesson Learned!

Did you know that when checking blood pressure you should use your left arm!  Apparently that little tidbit of information didn’t commit to my memory at any point in school.  But any nurse, dental hygienist or other practitioner regularly checking your blood pressure knows this. My point: for 3 years I’ve been worried sick about my blood pressure jumping 10 points.  As you’ve read in the past...

Operation BP: Part 2

Yippee!  Went to the doc again.  This time it was the annual well woman exam.  Blood Pressure had decreased!  Just a little, but I’ll take it. So far, the trampoline has proven to be the fun in my life.  Love it!  And, I get out of breath and giggle a lot while jumping. I’ve had tea once which I think is better than none!  I’ve been stretching more after my runs which is like yoga, right?!  I...

Operation BP: Part 1

Okay, so we all have our issues.  The other day I went to the doctor, not because I was sick, but to finally nail down a primary care physician for the first time.  The nurse told me my blood pressure was 116/85.  Actually, she didn’t tell me, I had to ask her for this information.  116/85 I thought to myself!  I’m going to have a heart attack tomorrow!  How is this possible…I eat healthy, I...
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