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Leadwoman – training began

I trained with the local R2R2R ladies through the summer.  Lots and lots of stairs at TCU stadium.  Lots of hiking including some night hikes.  Some running and MTB mixed in.  I also began bootcamp with Shawna Gibson to work on my strength and Aerial Yoga with Amanda Quintanilla to work on strength and flexibility.  Training was fun.  It was hot.  And there’s were lots of popsicles eaten that...

Leadwoman – the sign up decision

Fast forward to 2018. In February, I got word that a group of ladies I used to run with were going to do Rim2Rim2Rim (R2R2R) that September.  This is where you hike (or run if you want) the Grand Canyon from one rim to the other and back.  In this case without stopping.  They had a large group of women that were originally interested, but as life would have it, several dropped off and the group...

Leadwoman – starting with Leadville 2016

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not crazy.  This is exactly what I tried to convince Tiffany Dearman of a few months ago when we she was so nice to ride 50 miles with me.  There is a reason I did all the Leadville races….all this training.  It started almost 4 years ago when my friend John Eddington told me I could get into Leadville 100MTB on a lottery.  And, it gets better.  When there’s a...

The Day Someone Asked The Right Question

Before I start, I should back up to explain how I’ve come out of running retirement. 🙂 With the Boston Marathon experience in 2013, I wanted to keep in running shape to do Boston again in 2014 to go back and experience it the right way.  During the year, it reminded me 1) how much I enjoy running and 2) that I can be okay at it if I just train correctly. After Boston 2014, I decided to keep on...

Must pee pee with Narnia Pizzazz (AKA Nueces 50 miler race report)

Wow, I know this race report will be very long considering it’s my last for running.  So don’t say I didn’t warn you. Race day morning was a lot calmer than Bandera considering I actually showed up to the race 45 minutes early instead of 30 minutes late.  And, since I had to travel far for the race to a town that has literally nothing, I had to actually plan ahead.  I had a bag for what I would...

Bandera 50K Race Report….it’s a long one!

The strange thing about Bandera, unlike any other race is I never got nervous about it.  I think I knew going in it was going to be a long day no matter what and I wasn’t racing it, so I just never got nervous about it.  I never questioned whether I was going to finish (like I’m freaking out about the 50 miler as I write this!)  It was pretty much just another race.  Because life is so hectic for...

Swiss chard, figs and homemade pizza oh my!

Yippee!  Sprouts moved in down the road.  I can’t tell you how excited it made me!  When I lived in Addison, everyone thought I was weird because I went to 2 different grocery stores (Wal-mart and Sprouts and sometimes even Albertson’s if they had a good special.)  Back then, I baked an artichoke (which wasn’t worth the hassle), made my own sushi, and even attempted kohlrabi.  Even though I’m...

Things that go wrong at a marathon (even if you’re experienced!)

Things that go wrong at a marathon (even if you’re experienced!) Sixth marathon seems like a no brainer that you should have it all figured out.  Suddenly everything seems to fall apart.  5:15 AM at Luke’s Fort Worth, almost everyone shows up on time.  We wait 7 minutes for one runner and ended up leaving him.  I actually still don’t know if he ended up coming to the race.  It was said in the...

Top 5 nutrition do’s and don’ts right before running a marathon

1)      Do hydrate daily leading up to the race… …But don’t overhydrate the morning of because you’ll dilute electrolytes. 2)      Do eat foods you’re familiar with and have eaten prior to long runs… …But don’t over eat those foods since you’re tapering. 3)      Do eat balance meals containing complex carbohydrates, lean protein and a little healthy fat… …But don’t...

Nutrition for the Pros

When was the last time you heard a story on a pro athlete?  Today, yesterday?  Professional athletes are all over the news, everyday!  Our children look up to them and we want to meet them.  Would you guess they have just as much trouble with nutrition as the rest of population? When I visit FC Dallas (www.fcdallas.com) at the beginning of every season, the first thing I do is meet with the rookies and...
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