Leadwoman – Cowtown Marathon (2/24/19)


The week going into Cowtown was rough!  Madison made me do a recovery ride that Wednesday instead of what was on my schedule because I was just done.  The last minute massage from Cyril helped!

Cowtown Marathon itself was so much fun for me!  I took my phone and had no expectations.  I ran some pretty solid splits and thankfully just stayed with Amy Clark most of the time (she was the pacer for the ultra) until she split off from the marathon course. There were so many people there cheering us on!  It was the second time the girls got to run across the Cowtown finish like with me and that is everything to them.  All in all, it was a good training day.


Me and Sue!

My first time seeing a Nutriworks hat in public!




Gary and Laura!

Maria did her first marathon!

Me and Kelsey!

Stayed with pacer the entire race!

My personal cheerleaders


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