Leadwoman – March 2019


In March, I ran ~172 miles and rode ~320 miles.  This was starting to get time consuming.  Since LP works on Saturdays so I had to drag the girls with me to Saturday races and/or let them run/ride with me at the end of training sessions.  This turned into them camping for the first time, helping hand out medals at races and doing their first trail race which they looked forward to.  I’d never run more than 50 miles so I still needed to try new things on the run to be sure they settled well.  I was starting to settle on shot bloks and trying out Tailwind for my drink.  I basically tried everything they offered on the trail run courses and realized I did not like sweets, but salty worked.  For some reason, fritos and pringles were definitely NOT my favorites, but anything else salty was.  And skittles when I was going mental.  This is also the timeframe I was doing sweat tests since the weather was similar to what it would be in Colorado in the summer mornings and evenings.  My sweat rate hadn’t changed since I’d tested it 3 years ago, so I was good to go there as well.

First time camping!

Fist time creek crossing!

First time handing me my medal!










I already had my nutrition nailed down on the bike at this point.  I kept it mostly the same as I had done 3 years prior.  Carbo Pro + Grape Gu Roctane (550 calories per bottle) and fill in with solid food where I could tolerate. At Leadville, it’s very hard to reach for anything when you’re pummeling down a mountain at 30-45 miles per hour death-gripping the handlebars.  Or, when you’re climbing a mountain.  Or, when you’re trying to hang onto someones else’s tire for dear life.  So, eating solid food (if you’re going to do it) has to be very strategic.  Generally, it’s at the aid stations.  A very dear friend of  mine who has Leadville experience spent time training with me during the beginning.  He was helping me get in the right mindset early on.

Cold rides around Aledo!

Day trip to Reveille Peak Ranch!

I didn’t have a lot of extra time these days, but I managed to get with friends when I could.  Margaritas with Jen.  Impromptu hiking with the girls.  I even made it to a post Cowtown training celebration!

Post Cowtown Celebration!

Mambo Taxis with Jen!

This is also when I realized that so many people were so supportive of this.  I still did quite a bit of training on my own so it was extremely nice when I found people that could train with me during my odd times.  Will was still hanging out with me on my long runs.

Sheila, stay on your bike!

Will hanging out at 9:45 pace!

Getting to know Quanah well!

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