Leadwoman – Life outside of training in February


Woodrow was the first to get his attire!

Wedding planning was in full swing.  As a matter of fact, I had procrastinated to the point where I could not order a dress from any of the stores.  But, I found the most amazing lady who was going to make my dress.  And it wasn’t even going to cost a fraction of what I was expecting.  Huge stress relief.  I found a store where we could rent the girls’ dresses and they had a blast trying them on.

Getting materials for my dress two months before!

Crazy girls!










I was beginning to get tired from training.  Normally, you will never catch me sitting down at home.  There’s always too much to do.  On Saturdays, I was waking up at 3 a.m. already to get all the training in before LP went to work.  So, that meant some lazy Saturdays and movies.

Doesn’t happen too often!

This is the point where the amount of food started to change.  I don’t have a ton of pics.  But, we had to start increasing volume.  I started eating 4 meals each day instead of 3.  Plus snacks.  I was hungry.  Lots of leftovers were made.  This was getting life consuming.

Kitchen dump stirfry!

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