Leadwomen – Life outside of training in March





The eve-ventures still had to continue somehow!  We hadn’t been doing as many fun family outings!  Or, they all revolved around training and racing.  So off to Fort Worth Botanical Gardens Lantern Festival we went.  On a school night!

I had my last dress fitting and that was that!  I paid someone for the first time to clean up my yard.  That was sooooo hard for me!  But, I just couldn’t get it done  No time and certainly didn’t want to get injured doing yard work!

The food was in full force.  Lots of carbs.  Audrey picked steak dinner from her birthday last month and I certainly didn’t say no to that!  We were mostly rotating the same 22 recipes within a month.  I had figured out what I would be eating prior to races.  Paella or buddha bowls so far.

Salmon patties with sweet potato fries and green beans

Lentil pasta and meatballs

Steak, candied carrots and roasted potatoes

Homemade pizza!


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