Leadwoman – Hell’s Hills (4/6/19) and Red River Riot (4/20/19) (Character Building)



Third place finish!

Thank you Stevers!

I had smartened up somewhat now and knew better about running too long on trails.  For Hell’s Hills, I signed up for the 25K.  It would be a weekend alone.  I stayed at Coach Steve and Kat’s (about an hour from race site) and they fed me well the night before the race.  It was Kat’s birthday dinner!

It was predicted to rain.  And rain it did.  It pretty much rained the entire race.  Thunderstorms and all.  I had to take my glasses off because I was not quite prepared for that.  I couldn’t see but somehow managed not to fall.  It was a character building race and I ended up getting third place somehow.

Red River Riot was way better weather, but character building in a different way.  It was fun that there were so many people there I knew!  Marcelo, Gary, Stude, Greg and Roberto!  And I met Jello today!  The girls sent me off!  Fortunately, LP’s best friend owns the ranch where the race was so they had free range and had spent plenty of weekends out there before.  This race went very well for me.  I felt so strong the entire time.  Nutrition felt good.  Legs felt good.  Mind was good.  I did have to walk a little bit up one hill (which did a little number on me) but when I finished, I actually thought I’d finished well.  I forget that racing a gravel race on a mountain bike is no comparison.  I was last place in my category.  But, I still had a great training day.  It was the first time the girls have ever seen me drink a soda. :/ They weren’t too happy about it and I thought I’d never hear the end of it!

Dr. Pepper and Lays became my go to for mile 70 on the bike!

Thank you Jamye for catching this moment!

Pre-ride Red River Riot at 4R Ranch



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