Leadwoman – Life outside of training April (Wedding, Award, Easter egg hunt)


Who doesn’t do back flips in a wedding dress?!

Bloomed just in time!


Obviously, the most important event outside of training this month was the wedding.  It got rained out.  Fortunately, everyone was planning on

Audrey’s 1st 5k!

staying the night in Fort Worth anyways and my amazing hairdresser (Monica) and caterer (Z’s cafe and catering) came through for us!  We were married!  My stress levels were at an all time high.  My brother came through on wedding day and kicked everyone out of the house, took everyone to Fuzzy’s and told me to take a bubble bath.  Then, Courtney and Joy took me to get a massage.  I was about to lose it.

The weekend after, Audrey ran her first 5K!  She was soooo tired.  I had parked at Clearfork to get my 20 mile run in that day.  I ran with different people, then ran home and still had 3 miles to get back to my car.  I picked her up and off we went.  It was more of a run 1/2 a mile, walk some, repeat.  I was so proud of her!

We still had Easter in there in between the wedding, the races and me traveling to Phoenix for a conference.

Preceptor Award!


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