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Poached Halibut

I just finished a run nutrition class last week and in one of the more recent classes, we discussed injury prevention nutrition.  This involves changing the way you see food.  It’s obviously fuel to your body, but it’s also nourishment.  In my class at SMU, I find myself constantly referring to “SAD” AKA Standard American Diet.  But, in my world, it’s really the...

Use What You Have In The House

This one of those “use what you have in the house” recipes.  I did a Google search for quinoa, tomato, onion, spinach, and bell pepper, and added recipe to the end.  These are things I had available to cook at the moment.  It took me a few seconds to sort through about 5 recipes to make sure I had all of the ingredients.  Here’s the recipe that I chose: http://bit.ly/Qprfi0. Here are...
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