Leadwoman – the sign up decision

Fast forward to 2018. In February, I got word that a group of ladies I used to run with were going to do Rim2Rim2Rim (R2R2R) that September.  This is where you hike (or run if you want) the Grand Canyon from one rim to the other and back.  In this case without stopping.  They had a large group of women that were originally interested, but as life would have it, several dropped off and the group...

Leadwoman – starting with Leadville 2016

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not crazy.  This is exactly what I tried to convince Tiffany Dearman of a few months ago when we she was so nice to ride 50 miles with me.  There is a reason I did all the Leadville races….all this training.  It started almost 4 years ago when my friend John Eddington told me I could get into Leadville 100MTB on a lottery.  And, it gets better.  When there’s a...

The Day Someone Asked The Right Question

Before I start, I should back up to explain how I’ve come out of running retirement. 🙂 With the Boston Marathon experience in 2013, I wanted to keep in running shape to do Boston again in 2014 to go back and experience it the right way.  During the year, it reminded me 1) how much I enjoy running and 2) that I can be okay at it if I just train correctly. After Boston 2014, I decided to keep on...

Boston: The Redemption

    Some of you may not know how I qualified for both 2013 and 2014 Boston Marathons, so I’ll start there.  In 2011, after an attempt to qualify at Marathon to Marathon in October, I failed.  However, I FINALLY broke the 4:00 mark and ran a 3:58.  As crazy as it sounds, for me, that was the best thing that could have happened.  I have been running 4:00 marathons since the beginning, but...

Poached Halibut

I just finished a run nutrition class last week and in one of the more recent classes, we discussed injury prevention nutrition.  This involves changing the way you see food.  It’s obviously fuel to your body, but it’s also nourishment.  In my class at SMU, I find myself constantly referring to “SAD” AKA Standard American Diet.  But, in my world, it’s really the...

Must pee pee with Narnia Pizzazz (AKA Nueces 50 miler race report)

Wow, I know this race report will be very long considering it’s my last for running.  So don’t say I didn’t warn you. Race day morning was a lot calmer than Bandera considering I actually showed up to the race 45 minutes early instead of 30 minutes late.  And, since I had to travel far for the race to a town that has literally nothing, I had to actually plan ahead.  I had a bag for what I would...

I admit it, I’m addicted….

To RUNNING that is!  Get your mind out of the gutter!  In all seriousness, I do have a very addictive personality like many Type A’s do.  Someone told me once it was genetic, but they’re also blaming obesity on genetics and I don’t believe that for 2 seconds!  So, here I am on this earth learning how to deal with it.  In my life fortunately I have 2 things going for me.  1) I have managed to...
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