Things that go wrong at a marathon (even if you’re experienced!)

Things that go wrong at a marathon (even if you’re experienced!) Sixth marathon seems like a no brainer that you should have it all figured out.  Suddenly everything seems to fall apart.  5:15 AM at Luke’s Fort Worth, almost everyone shows up on time.  We wait 7 minutes for one runner and ended up leaving him.  I actually still don’t know if he ended up coming to the race.  It was said in the...

Top 5 nutrition do’s and don’ts right before running a marathon

1)      Do hydrate daily leading up to the race… …But don’t overhydrate the morning of because you’ll dilute electrolytes. 2)      Do eat foods you’re familiar with and have eaten prior to long runs… …But don’t over eat those foods since you’re tapering. 3)      Do eat balance meals containing complex carbohydrates, lean protein and a little healthy fat… …But don’t...

Top 10 Thanksgiving Survival Tips

Top 10 Thanksgiving Survival Tips 1)      Eat breakfast.  If you skip breakfast on a holiday you can bet you’ll indulge WAY too much.  Don’t save the calories for the meal because you’re still going to eat more than normal. 2)      Exercise in the morning.  It makes you feel good about yourself and controls appetite!  Do a Turkey Trot or walk around the neighborhood.  My favorite think...

“You’re too skinny”

Have you ever lost weight and been told by a friend, family member or co-worker “You’re too skinny.”  Believe it or not, this sort of comment is made a lot to the client base I work with and I can’t tell you how frustrating that is for me and the client!  With 2/3 of the adults in America and now 1/3 of children being overweight or obese, have we forgotten what fit looks like?! Why is it that...

Mind, Personality, Heart

This was originally a Toastmasters speech I did, but I think it has a good message.  It’s based on the quote by the running coach, Mike Fanelli: “Divide the marathon into thirds. Run the first part with your head, the middle part with your personality, and the last part with your heart.” I personally have several marathons under my belt with two more on the horizon.  When I heard this quote for...

Processed Nation

Since Micky D’s is getting such a bad rap on the burger and fries that lasted a half the year without growing mold, I’ve decided to show that they’re not the only ones!  Tomorrow, I will be purchasing food from Chick-Fil-A (which I honestly hate to do because I love their company values), Subway, and Chipotle (owned by McDonald’s) to see how these fast food restaurants fair. Some people don’t...

Operation BP: Part 2

Yippee!  Went to the doc again.  This time it was the annual well woman exam.  Blood Pressure had decreased!  Just a little, but I’ll take it. So far, the trampoline has proven to be the fun in my life.  Love it!  And, I get out of breath and giggle a lot while jumping. I’ve had tea once which I think is better than none!  I’ve been stretching more after my runs which is like yoga, right?!  I...
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